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The Disciple-Maker Pathway is designed to help disciples become disciple-makers and to help disciple-makers to become disciple-multipliers... or what we call "Catalysts."

The Disciple-Maker Pathway is a journey through seven big ideas that will fundamentally change how everyday followers of Jesus make disciples.

These ideas will unleash your passion to share Jesus' Fully Alive life with others by: clearly defining the outcomes of disciple-making, providing a framework for disciple-making environments that will keep those outcomes in focus, and leveraging those environments to develop a network of disciple-makers around you.

This training huddle will take place on Zoom at 12pm every Wednesday from April 19 - June 7th, 2023. Zoom link provided at registration. This will be led by Jason Phelps, Gloria Dei's Discipling Director.


Before April 19th, please make sure you have done the following:
  1. Watch the Introduction Videos (You can access them by clicking here).

  2. Grab a new journal. (Whether digital or analog, you will need a way to capture your responses to several bible readings and other experiences along the path).

  3. Read the short E-Book: Fully Alive: An invitation to rediscover the beauty and power of being a disciple of Jesus. (Click here for the PDF)

The Pathway is an eight-session journey created for everyday followers of Jesus who want to become more effective in making disciples. The journey centers around 7 Big Ideas that we believe will give you a new freedom and joy as you serve others in this way.

  • Sessions 1-3 bring clarity to what it means to live Fully Alive. 
  • Sessions 4 & 5 will provide inspiration, permission, and strategies for keeping Fully Alive the “main thing” in your disciple-making efforts.   
  • Sessions 6-8 provide simple and practical plans for identifying and developing others to team up with you in helping others live Fully Alive. 

Pre-Huddle Work: 

  • Each week BEFORE the Huddle, you will need to complete the 1) Bible Engagement w/ Journal and 2) Watch the Training Video
  • It is paramount you complete these two items as our Huddle Time is discussion on what you are learning from Jesus. After each Huddle will be Personal Reflection that needs to be completed in your journal within 24-hours.

What is the flow of each session? 

  • Each session will include a bible engagement exercise, a training video, an occasional assessment, huddle questions, personal reflection questions, and additional resources. The huddle questions are designed to create conversation around the things learned and experienced in the “pre-huddle” elements.

Why is the DM Pathway So Important?

  1. We are in dire need of a clear, motivating, and unifying definition of what is means to be a disciple. 
  2. Our world needs 100% of Jesus’ Followers living the best life Jesus offers.
  3. Jesus changed the world by using the disciple-making methods we share in the Pathway. 


Event Coordinator Jason Phelps

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